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Chauffeur - Limousine, Transport And Car Hire WP Theme

Reviews: 25 | Overal Rating: Good
Introducing Chauffeur – Limousine, Transport And Car Hire WordPress Theme Chauffeur comes complete with a booking system that has distance, hourly and flat rate pricing options available. Online payments for bookings can be processed via PayPal, Stripe or in cash. Main Features Online Booking: Accept online bookings and let your website earn money for your business Online Payments: Process booking payments directly through fully integrated PayPal and Stripe functionality Trip distance / time calculation: Display a trip distance and time estimate to customers Revolution Slider Included: Create amazing interactive slideshows through a drag and drop editor Visual Composer Included: Edit your website through a drag and drop editor Unlim... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/07/2022
Wescott Dasovich

The theme itself is amazing, it's greatly customizable and looks awesome; but what really stood out to me was the support I received. Whenever I need help It receive within hours and sometimes even minutes. He gives me detailed answers on how to fix things and even goes beyond that by providing examples of how. Great value for money, do not regret buying one bit. It's awesome!
Review Left On 04/07/2022
Kado Fetui

We re-purchased this theme after losing contact with old developer. Customer service was FANTASTIC helping us fix up a couple of issues with the updates and get the site running again. Theme is really good for our business, does exactly what we want and easy to use.
Review Left On 04/10/2022

This theme is not only well designed, easy to customize and set up but the most outstanding feature for me is the customer support (by Nick). He has been outstanding. He goes above and beyond to answer all queries until you are satisfied. This is the best support I've had. Plus the theme is also amazing.
Review Left On 04/12/2022

This theme is very easy to use and Nick will help you with any question or problem you may have, definitely recommend to small to mid size limo or car service!
Review Left On 04/12/2022
Anzovin Hindbaugh

My name is Veli S. I liked customer support. They"re very helpful and friendly. Nick helped me a lot. I recommended this theme and also company too. Absolutely 5 star. Thanks a lot again.
Review Left On 04/14/2022
Iolanthe Cockrin

Code quality of this theme, design, features available and customer support is the best on themeforest!!!! I am very satisfied of this purchase and recommend to all!
Review Left On 04/14/2022

Chauffeur theme is very well designed, easy to customize and set up and comes with a load of features, actually even more than you need. It also includes a fantastic Customer support: all your queries will be answered till complete satisfaction and resolution. Thank you very much!
Review Left On 04/15/2022

I bought this and contacted owner and he gave support friendly yet professional. I like the service and quality of work. Fully and higly recommended !!!
Review Left On 04/16/2022
Jaret Mccombs
Hello. We have the same problem like author expertairport 1mnth ago, just updated wordpress to version 5.9 and the theme has limited editing and usability.
Review Left On 04/20/2022

Pretty nice theme but i found hard to find a solution to my any problem. I had to submit a ticket. if they had a forum for example ( where i can search for similar issue) or reply on the comments here as the most theme admins do, i might not had to submit a ticket and wait for reply on business day.
Review Left On 04/23/2022
Oza Smerkar
HI, I just updated wordpress to version 5.9. Are you going to update your version for this? I was not aware that this theme is not supported in this version of wordpress yet. The theme now has limited editing and usability. Do you have a suggestion on how to revert to a working version? Thank you
Review Left On 04/26/2022
Beverlee Samaj

Hi, thanks for getting back so promptly. I have already applied all the updates as you told me to and then when that didn't address the issue you requested access to the site which is not possible I am afraid. many thanks.
Review Left On 04/30/2022
Margo Vliem

Perfectly sophisticated design. Excellent ordering, perfect collaboration with support. Thank you for all Nick :-)
Review Left On 05/01/2022
Hi, My licence key is invalid to register the slider! only registered and installed for one domain
Review Left On 05/03/2022
Chenee Utvik

Good looking theme with lots of good features. Was particularly happy with the great help from Nick in the support team.
Review Left On 05/04/2022
Zipnick Marin
HI, D you have an admin link please co can see how to edit prices etc on the back end? thanks
Review Left On 05/06/2022

This theme is probably the only one that offers this amount of features for drivers. Whereas, I hope next updates will fix some bugs or strange behaviours like : - why asking 2 times pickup and dropoff addresses ? - selecting only cash payment is impossible - translation not ready for all texts of the booking formIf you correct those problems, I will change my note with pleasure :)You could also think about new features : - sync with calendars - add pricing rules (i.e we can charge more on nights and weekends) - detail size of bags
Review Left On 05/07/2022

I don't know where to start but...- Design = amazing! - Functionality = amazing! - Customization = amazing!Well done guys!
Review Left On 05/09/2022

it has very limited options to change booking; it doesn't have options to add/change options while booking, no working zones, customer service won't bother answering features related question, its a little over rate to be honest
Review Left On 05/30/2022

I'm giving this theme 5 stars for several reasons. First reason being the undeniably attractive appearance of the theme. Secondly, the customer support is very responsive and helpful, every issue that I've ran into has been quickly resolved. Great theme!
Review Left On 06/01/2022
Roeser Freed
Hi nice theme. i like to buy this them before some question 1-Can I Sync Booking to Google Calendar possible?? (For sample i need to show wordpress booking details to google calendar) 2- Can i add multiple price rules for Distance Booking?? ( For sample first 30KM= $10 Then Next 30km-60km =$20 and Above 60KM =$30 3- Can i add possible multiple email to get booking notification ?? 4- Can I possible to validate distance booking only one country ??
Review Left On 06/12/2022
Treharne Schraff
Hello, are you developed any plugin for exctract bookings to a regular page? Like a testimonial page, but for bookings.
Review Left On 06/22/2022
Kucik Dali

Very good template for business. Ideal for me. Author provide great support and help with problems during the installation.
Review Left On 06/28/2022
Ferguson Shakespear
I want some changes in the booking form but we got no option here to change tab names and etc. changes I want to do: 1. Rename tab1 “Distance” to “Book Now” 2. I want to remove google autocomplete suggestions from Pick Up Address and Drop Off Address.(Because I don’t want to purchase any google API). 3. On the booking page i want to rename Button from “Confirm & Pay” to “Confirm”. 4. On the booking page i want to remove “Full Pick Up Address *“ “Full Drop Off Address” “Pick Up Instructions” “Drop Off Instructions”
Review Left On 07/31/2022
Fruma Introini

Hi,Very poor Support. This is 5th time I am raising the ticket, if not understand please update my ticket but dont clear ticket. I am requesting to have my application as working as demo. I have given my API key credentials, please check API setup is correct, if required any changes please resolve? https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-keyLogin to Gmail with below credentials . Refresh above link will auto login to API key >> Left Menu options >> API & Services >> Click on tab "Credentials".Gmail login Credentials Added in Ticket: PRIVATE TICKET #1700628 If not please arrange a Skype meeting will discuss and resolve this. Small Solution, if you have installed in other server please use "all-in-one" plugin" to install into my wordpress (WP), which uploads from demo and installs to my wp. wp: Credentials >> http://143travels.com/wp-admin/ Added in PRIVATE TICKET #1700628
Review Left On 08/05/2022
Hi i have your latest version Chauffeur 1.3.2 but the Fleet carrousel does not work anylonger . Is there a newer version or is there a problem ?
Review Left On 08/06/2022
Anatollo Scobee
Hi gabrielgireada, If you need support, please open a ticket here: https://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com Best regards
Review Left On 08/20/2022
Benton Solt

Honestly, I would choose all the reasons from the drop down for my rating if allowed. I have never experienced such prompt and timely support for a theme that's built so well in all aspects. So glad I've bought it and appreciate the author genuinely for the support extended so far!
Review Left On 08/25/2022

I've been using this theme for about a year now.I'm really satisfied with the functionality but the css and js of this theme is just creating problems with the performance of the site.I tried using everything possible to get my PageSpeed near 80ish score for mobile users but I can't do it and the other people I asked so far too.Design and functions are cool but I can't outrank someone with my site loading 7-9secs for mobile users (atleast not the Top20)So Nick, I wish you could optimize the css (especially for mobile) and maybe split some javascripts.
Review Left On 08/27/2022
Krusche Houf

Pretty good theme. Lacks some customization options for the booking app and for the site, but overall a good choice. Fantastic customer support.
Review Left On 09/09/2022

Our website traffic has almost doubled with the purchase of this theme. I was reluctant to post a comment about this them, because we would probably have competitors use the same system. But it would not be fair to give this theme a proper review. I would also like to add that I have contacted customer service twice. Each time my question was answered and responded to promptly. Great Job quitenicestuff
Review Left On 09/13/2022

After the booking, I have to inform the booking process by admin, adding extra fee to certain points, missing after certain kilometer, such as missing admin panel. I expect to be finished with an update that will exit.Its external does not lack a big one. I believe it will become even more flexible over time, For the moment everything works as it should be.
Review Left On 09/14/2022

The support here is awesome and fast, I would recommend the support to anyone. Well done on an awesome theme and well done on the best support I have ever received. 10 stars.
Review Left On 09/26/2022

booking and contact email is not getting proper the day i started from that day to till now not getting single from client side

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