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Kumail - 50 Email Template (400+ Modules) + Stampready Builder

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Kumail Responsive is contain 50 e-mail template designed for multipurpose bussines, profesional, ecomerce, store and many more. Kumail is modern and minimalism, best to gain new clients or customers. It also have bunch of feature like stampReady e-mail template builder (drag n drop), MailChimp ready templates, and CampaignMonitor templates ready templates are also included. Carefully crafted to make it compatible with All device and almost all e-mail clients. If you have vision to reshape the world, then this is the best e-mail campaign design for you. FEATURES Responsive Email Template Drag \u0026amp; Drop in StampReady Unlimited Colors StampReady, Campaign Monitor \u0026amp; MailChimp compatible... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/11/2022

Hi you did a great job with this. Its very impressive and easy to use. Good luck with sales. I have a few questions thought. Maybe you answered in the instructions but the images in the instructions didnt open for me on my computer. 1.How do you make it responsive? My campaign is in test mode but the images are brighter than in your samples 2.How do I get the html code out of stamp ready to display it on my website or send it to another mail service? I dont want mail chimp ..I am not sure yet about using stamp ready but I have another service in mind. 3. One of the shoppng modules with a grid gallery with multiple images has the option only to change the main image in the editof...so all the images change into 1 image. Not multiple. This is in the All modules template. Its the one with the girl with pink hair. I am very thankful for your work and time. Cant wait to hear from you!
Review Left On 04/13/2022
Hi there, I have recently bought your KUMAIL template but when I import the HTML file into StampReady everything is empty..there are no modules? I looked at your instructions in the index.html but am sorry they were not that clear to me..my apologies. I am trying to use Kumail11 so could you please explain step by step how to import thanks!!
Review Left On 04/23/2022
Shira Bridgman
Hi, I have purchased this templates. However I have come to realize none of the pictures are inside and are on replaced with dummy images with size sepcifications. This is not what I am looking for. I think this is misleading and perhaps I would like a refund for this. Thanks
Review Left On 05/04/2022
Dear, I just purchased your Kumail – 50 Email Template (400+ Modules) + Stampready Builder. I have difficulties to edit it. How can Import it in this Online Editor – Stampready Builder? Thanks, Pavle
Review Left On 06/10/2022
Weinman Stanaway
Hello, presale question: Is there also a module for a single image without text/button (“image only”) for example for full width or fixed width (600/800 px…). Because if you delete text from a module with image bg it will change height of image. Or is alternative possible to integrate some custom code (change it) on a module? Thanks.
Review Left On 07/08/2022
Hi, This is a great template however it is not responsive, many of the modules do not correspond with the preview and many that should have individual images only have the button to change 1 image making half of the modules in the template useless. I asked you to fix this for me on one three modules, you fixed only one and then all the images for the socials disappeared. When I told you that they disappeared, you ignored me, when I opened the code, I see that the images were completely removed. I would like assistance to fix the remaining modules on the templates that do not work but I need to know that you are not going to go in there and remove any images or take out anything that has nothing to do with what you need to fix. I don’t know if this is how all developers on themeforest work but it seems very unprofessional to make something that is supposed to work one way and then force people to chase you to fix it. It has been 1 month and you havent even esponded when I told you the social images have been removed. Will you fix the aditional modules with no drama please?
Review Left On 07/31/2022
Hi, I have purchased the templates. Could you please advise me on how do I upload them into mailchimp or outlook for easy editing there. Also please advise me if any scaling is needed for viewing the email on mobile thanks! Regards kai
Review Left On 09/07/2022
Dear Sirs, Good day! I have purchased your nice templates and browsed it to mailchimp.(I have browsed one of the map “mailchimp” in zip format.) I click to “edit design” and can edit only text. I cant change pictures and etc..Could you please help me. Thanks in advance. Regards, Daria

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