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Motivate - For Female Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs

Reviews: 5 | Overal Rating: Average
Motivate Dynamic Feminine website for coach designed to look great on any device. Motivate was designed to allow you to create your own professional coach website quickly and easily without any coding knowledge. Import our demo in one click, customise it in few clicks to your own tastes (logo, font, colours…) and you are ready to go! Tailored for female coaches, you will find all the essential features to make your website a successful lead capture tool. Fresh design, social media buttons to grow your audience, optin forms to catch more leads, banners blocks to promote your products and services and an about me section to introduce yourself and make it personal… The full list of features: Clean Responsiv... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/16/2022
Sandie Angelson
Hi, this template seems perfect! About customizing, is it possible to used gradiant instead of only one color for background for example?
Review Left On 04/20/2022
Zachar Skunatla
How can i modify the Premade Templates, The elementor plugin is not working at ll for Premade Templates, So sad .
Review Left On 04/20/2022
Hi! I can’t see the preview of this template. Is it still available and working? Thank you.
Review Left On 04/25/2022
Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. We provide support directly here: https://launchandsell.com/clients/submitticket.php . Drop us a message and we’ll help you as best as we can. Regards -A
Review Left On 04/26/2022

Ive been running motivate almost 2 years and I find that over time it has become more difficult to work with and less customizable. For example the sites colors are customizable initially, but later do not have any way to change them. A website needs to be freshened and updated over time, but this one seems to be difficult for the amateur website owner to figure out.
Review Left On 04/28/2022
Kirbie Olshefskie

While the design itself is nice, I find that not having it woocommerce ready to be A MAJOR issue. If you try to enable woocommerce to sell on your site, it has a basic look that does not match the style of the theme. I just wished that this information would have been prominently displayed, because if it had I would have NOT bought it. So, if you want to sell on your site with a seamless checkout experience, this theme is NOT for you. I've held off writing this review in case of a theme update, but there hasn't been any.
Review Left On 05/05/2022

I had purchased Tribe and absolutely loved it! I was hoping to love Motivate as well since it's so similar... unfortunately I'm finding bug after bug. Some are purely aesthetic, but the most frustrating bug is its inability to "play nice" with Yoast SEO. I reached out to support about a month ago. These past two weeks all I've heard back is that their developers are working on it. I really want to launch my site and share it but I can't until the bugs are fixed.
Review Left On 05/06/2022
I am having the same issue. I cannot edit anything. The Elementor plug-in is also giving me errors with ” “the_content” function in the current template”. It would be good if you could post the solution rather than answer the same question privately multiple times. Unfortunately I got busy and didn’t install/set up my paid theme until after the support time had lapsed.
Review Left On 08/16/2022
Hi! I’m browsing themes as my current theme is not compatible with some of my plugins, so here my questions 1) Is it easy to change colors on this theme? 2) Do you provide the pictures? (if not, do you provide the size of the pics? 3) Main issue: I have two plugins from Thrive: Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads. They help my website to create great lead pages. Here is the link: https://thrivethemes.com/ Do you think your theme is compatible with these plugins? 4) If I want to add videos, is it possible? 5) I might add a booking plugin, is it possible with your theme? 6) As per support, is it easy to contact you? Thank you!!!
Review Left On 08/22/2022
Pacifa Helmstetler
Hi, I’ve installed the theme and the demo and I can’t edit anything at all. I am going to the main page and I am trying to edit and I get an error related to “the content” function. I am really disappointed since I am already 2 days looking at this error and trying the theme to work!
Review Left On 08/30/2022
Elsa Findlen

This is the most beautiful theme! I love it. It's easy to use and the customer support is great. Within one day I got a very helpful reply that solved the issue.
Review Left On 10/01/2022
Rosenbaum Hinchee
Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme but I want to know when you’ll update this theme.
Review Left On 10/02/2022

Motivate is a wonderful WordPress theme, well designed and laid out with nice styling elements.The one click demo install functionality is a great feature, which meant I could get my site looking like the demo in minutes. Modifying it with my own content, colors and images was straight forward.Overall, Motivate is a lovely theme, with thoughtful design that made it ideal for my project.

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