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Magician Responsive Parallax WordPress Theme

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Version 3.0 is out! (01.04.17) Click here to view the Change log About us Magician is a multipurpose Flat Clean Geometric Responsive Parallax WordPress Theme that allows you to create smooth movements and elegant svg geometric layouts. Also, if you liked Magician Theme, help us grow by reviewing it and sharing your impressions with others, we appreciate! Thank you for your time. Magician Great Features: Spyropress Drag-n-Drop Builder Fullscreen Slider Fullscreen Video Fully Responsive Layout Isotope Gallery With Fancybox ( Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Twitvid, Twitpic, Instagram… ) Fully Working AJAX/PHP Contact Form Parallax Effects Vertical Timeline Layout With Icons and Media Queries A... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/10/2022
Kennard Mofford
Hello how are you first of all I want to know because when I try to install the theme in wordpress it throws me an error in the style sheet, css I would like to know if I will have support my client waits for the installation of this template for which I paid the 38 dollars
Review Left On 04/13/2022
Sorry for my English! It does not work download demo data. By clicking on the button “Import Demo Data” browser hangs for 5-10 seconds and an error 502 Bad Gateway nginx / 1.8.1 How else can download demo data?
Review Left On 04/14/2022
Seftton Hardenbrook
Hi there We’re migrating our Magician site to another server and all of the Theme Options aren’t appearing (the SpyroPress builder). All of our other WP migrations have gone across perfectly, it’s just this 1 theme’d site that isn’t operating after the move. Please can you help, thank you!
Review Left On 04/19/2022
Rutan Sibgert
Hi, i purchase your theme, here ; http://www.champagnegerardcollin.com/fr/. Where can i find the settings to change the colors, the size of the police, etc…, i didn’t have it on theme options … Help plz. Regards
Review Left On 04/20/2022
Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but I see that the last theme update was on 17 April 15. Are there still updates and support being offered for this theme? When is the next update release? Thanks! Cecilia
Review Left On 04/24/2022
Hi, I am having an issue with my website theme. For some reason the purchase code removed itself from the settings inside my website. I have re-enetered the purchase code and username however i keep getting an error saying theme verification error. I am using the purchase code that is inside my themeforest account for the magician theme and also entering the username tianabrooke. What is the issue? My business website is completely broken without that code as the builder has disappeared.
Review Left On 04/30/2022

We purchased this theme for one of the customer in Canada who is Fleet industry.The theme offered great customization and thus was great fit for our needs.Thanks Bharat Parmar http://www.ifourtechnolab.com
Review Left On 05/07/2022
Saleem Ritika
Hi I submitted a support ticket last week and still haven’t heard anything? Please can you respond asap. Thank you
Review Left On 06/19/2022
Great theme! What Translation plugins the theme supports, particularly with the fact that when I am in the editor I can’t translate the content? I am using qTranslate-X, how can I translate the content using the editor that the theme has?
Review Left On 07/22/2022
Graaf Boczar
Absolut worst support I have ever had..!I made an request about 3 weeks ago and didn’t get any feedback until today. I’m working on a project with this theme and I have to finalize it. Its incredible how people like that can survive and even get money from people like me who buy’s a theme. NEVER AGAIN SPYROPRESS ..!!!
Review Left On 07/29/2022
Jeno Loewe
hi there, Is it possible to play videos in the timeline fullscreen?. I only have video posts with a shot description. Regards
Review Left On 08/04/2022
Hi guys, 12 days ago I logged a ticket after buying the theme…ticket no: (5909)...Can you please help sort this? it is really been too long just to remove a background from the logo.
Review Left On 08/06/2022
Hi, I sent two tickets, one of them more than 10 days ago… 1 for setting up the five members of the staff in one row 2 for a problem with the google map module Are you still here? I hope for a quick answer
Review Left On 08/09/2022
Tybalt Quarrels
We purchased this them for CA customer in Fleet industry. this offered great customizability and was good fit for our requirements. Thanks Bharat http://www.ifourtechnolab.com
Review Left On 09/15/2022
Demo isn’t loading properly, love the theme though, look at your video version the parallax images appear to be boxed in width and don’t go from edge to edge.
Review Left On 09/24/2022
Where can setting homepage , Appearance > Customize was not working , and Page builder was error ???
Review Left On 10/03/2022
Their awful support make me crazy on page builder have errors. i wrote some id to the row and when save and refresh to page my id no have there!!!!

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