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Multipress - Responsive HTML5 Template

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HTML5 Version Main Features Overview Multipress is clean multipurpose responsive corporate and business HTML template suitable for any kind of businesses or corporates. This item was coded using HTML5 and CSS3 with well-structured coding. You can also set your Shop and forum using template. Customize your website as much as you want, you have tons of layout possibilities with unlimited variations and colors. The template comes with 40+ HTML pages built using Bootstrap 3. HTML5 and CSS3 Bootstrap 3 Grid System and Responsive Design Touch Swipe Support Shop pages Forum Pages (bbpress) 55+ HTML Files Blog Pages Wide \u0026amp; Boxed Layouts 5 Header Versions 1 speci... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/10/2022
Melisent Kissam
I would like to know how long does it take to receive a email request for support?! I sent an email a week ago and no reply yet! Request #1635 April 03, 2014 22:55 ! ?
Review Left On 04/13/2022
I’ve been on my computer for four days now working on the customisation of the amazing template. Everything is working well. Let me ask, what is the purpose of the psd files attached in the template? Don’t know what to do with them. From some comments here, it seems it is very useful. Thank you.
Review Left On 04/14/2022

Nice design. TERRIBLE customer support even if you purchase it. I have been asking for SIX WEEKS for the supporting files so the blog would actually work. Why they didn't include these files with the template blows my mind. Multiple emails, the only response is "we're busy ... get to you soon." Then, after about six of these lame autoresponders, they sent an email "Rate My Response." Seriously? WTF? What response?
Review Left On 04/24/2022
Lottie Dotzler
I have problems with the withdrawal of a number of icons. Output square, you could not create a page with all icons example?
Review Left On 04/24/2022
Hi, I was just trying to update the cordinates of Google Map, I did in jquery.gmap.js file but still doesn’t reflect on the user side. its all the time stuck on default. please advice, urgent. thanks
Review Left On 04/25/2022
Hi, I bought this and it doesn’t work. There appears to be some files missing. I’m trying to use this on my wordpress site. Please send me info with all the files I need. Appears that stylesheet.css is missing.
Review Left On 05/21/2022
Travers Beveridge
Hi SpyroPress, Multi level menu options not available in your theme, Can you please update this feature to your theme. Other than your theme have very nice and have lot of features, Thanks & Regards, Rajkumar D
Review Left On 06/13/2022
Joappa Connet
Hi, Where are the icons you have announce over 350 icons in this theme ? Thx you.
Review Left On 08/18/2022
Wira Beaucage
How adaptable is this site to Business Catalyst? My boss has purchased this via an agency & I think they have adapted the Wordpress version for BC, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do it?
Review Left On 09/21/2022
Cassaundra Raether
Hi, This is probably the best template I have used from here yet. Works so far as it has been designed to great. One question, the contact form is there any php with it please?
Review Left On 09/21/2022
Lalittah Balasko
I do not have the PHP file for the contact form. The only PHP file in the entire download is the twitter feed. Pls advise!
Review Left On 09/28/2022
Mlawsky Usina
No contact form is not workable. You can integrate mailchimp yourself or any other. Please rate the item please… See how to rate http://goo.gl/GC9Otn Thanks

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