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Firetime - A Freshly New creative template for Coming soon page

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FIRETIME is a responsive “coming soon HTML5” landing page template. It was designed to be mobile friendly. This template was built for those who want minimalist coming soon page, and for those who want to display company or product information until their website is complete. You can also use it as a simple landing page to showcase your products or as a portfolio, business page. With its amazing and trendy design, it was built for those who want future-proof website design. tags : portfolio, coming soon, responsive, cooking, creative, product, jquery, minimalist, photography, video, studio, under construction, en cours de construction, motion design Features: Creative template Amazing animation SASS files included fo... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/08/2022
Eleanor Farrand
Hello … is it possible to have a Line in the middle as 2 lines with 2 different colors… can you tell me how to do it ?
Review Left On 04/13/2022
Hi, How do you change the background color for particle demo? I have changed the particle color from the js file but can’t find the css related to the background for this demo. Thank you sir
Review Left On 04/16/2022
Hello, PHP AJAX Email/Message Server “server.php” doesn’t run
... i changed // IMPORTANT - FIXME: Update this to your desired email address (relative to your server domaine). $recipient = "[email protected]"; but doesn’t send message. Have a nice day.
Review Left On 04/17/2022
Deana Gorton
how do you “update” to your new version, I can just replace with the new files without touching my index.html right?
Review Left On 04/21/2022
Love the features of this now trying to achieve the final task of integrating to mail chimp.. I have configured the API Key and List ID. changed the html form to point to ajaxserver/servermailchimp.php however when I do this the the form is never sent… If I leave at ajaxserver/serverfile.php it does write the file to disk… Is there a way to get an error to see what’s wrong.. I didn’t see anything else in the install instructions.
Review Left On 04/23/2022
Fanny Rolle
Hey, I have a problem with getting emails to the main email and the field: $recipient = “[email protected]”; It just doesn’t deliver emails. Can you help me out?
Review Left On 04/24/2022
Hello, I keep getting an error when trying to install your theme that’s says I am missing “css style files” when downloading the theme .zip file from the website I don’t have an option to download the WordPress installation files only and can only down load all documents and when trying to upload I keep getting that error. Can you please supply me with the correct files to upload to WordPress for this theme to work which I have already paid for.
Review Left On 05/04/2022
Hello, I have purchased Firetime, what is Wordpress theme, but I found out there is no installation zipped file. Could you please assist me for the installation, I will appreciate. Btw, this is a great design, and an eye-catch design.
Review Left On 06/07/2022
Wainwright Losch
Hello. I’ve met a problem. It’s connected only with chrome. I view the website via my laptop with 1920×1080 display. The actual website resolution is 1536×734 (don’t know how is it oO). So the problem is following: second section (about us) and the fourth section (projects) aren’t displayed. I checked the code and found out that fullpage.js plugin wrap the content inside those sections in , may be because the plugin thinks that the content is too long. Okay, I tried to shorten content there and those sections started to work, but then the third and the fifth sections stopped displaying Oo (they got wrapped too). If I emulate other devices via chrome, then it works fine. Besides it works fine in other browsers. This problem appears only in chrome. For some reason fullpage plugin wraps sections to make them scrollable. And I’m using default content provided by you as an example, so it shouldn’t be scrollable. So, do you know what’s the problem? Thanks)
Review Left On 06/10/2022
Audly Kenniston
http://famepix.in/ i successfully activated theme but now i need your help regarding Contact form and subscription. guide me how can i start contact form and subscription in to my website .
Review Left On 07/10/2022
Hi, the main.css and the main javascript file was updated, try it first in a sandbox folder to avoid error, and when everything is OK, upload them
Review Left On 07/14/2022
Akerley Cina
Hi I’m looking at purchasing this and having it themed onto WP.. How do we go about creating a separate page within the theme framework? Does the theme have any facilities to make standalone/menu linked separate pages?
Review Left On 08/01/2022
Dremann Cori
I am really unhappy as this theme does not work – please contact me on [email protected] as soon as possible. Regards
Review Left On 08/17/2022
Eaton Rudney
Hello I bought this theme and i’m trying to use it with wordpress but it gives me an error ,The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. , and there is no wordpress file option to download , can you please help me? thx
Review Left On 08/17/2022
Tedder Moniz
Hi, I have a couple of questions. My website is the following www.armyn.solutions 1) The client & partners side images are not displaying correctly; what do I have to do to fix? 2)The bg image on mobile isn’t displaying correctly and in general it’s not very responsive for mobile. I’d like to have a different image for mobile- what should i do? Thank you, Michele

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