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Dragness - Premium WordPress Landing Page

ThemeForest Rating | 3.86
Version 3.2 is out! (03.04.17) Click here to view the Change log About us Dragness is business landing page template that built with very cool responsive template with cool design, clean template and a slew of features. This landing page completed with 6 custom colors and backgrounds that you can choose your own. Built with Spyropress Page Builder Bulit with bootstrap Responsive design Use 1200 grid system Completed with 6 custom colors and backgrounds Flexslider Pretty photo Pricing tables Contact form element with AJAX (send direct to your email) Clean template and code Completed with 115 beauty features icon Cross browser also in IE7 SEO friendly Well documented SEO (Search engine optimization) The theme is built with... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/15/2022
Hi, is there a CAPTCHA facility/option? what captcha plugins actually work with this theme forms?
Review Left On 04/21/2022
Hey, our WYSIWYG editor on the theme modules still doesn’t work, you didn’t get back to us to the support ticket : 2161 Please, we’re waiting for your answer.
Review Left On 04/29/2022
I cannot view the demo. It reads servers are undergoing maintenance. I need a project complete soon. When will this be corrected?
Review Left On 05/07/2022
I get an error when I try to install SpyroBuilder. When installing blocks the administrator and stays white! Any Video Tutorial showing how to Fully Customize the Website to look like the Demo? I’m having a hard time understanding the theme. Thanks, We are urgently.
Review Left On 06/01/2022
Hi there, I have uploaded some images to create a ‘latest projects’ bucket, my question is, can they be arranged in groups, say, to show a main image and then some extra ones regarding a particular project? Thanks. Christian.
Review Left On 06/13/2022
Tacy Moscaritolo
Hey, we have major issue and the following pages doesn’t work on our website admin : update-core plugin installl plugins that’s it, I think. what could be the problem? http://www.thesocial-butterfly.com/
Review Left On 06/16/2022
Any Video Tutorial showing how to Fully Customize the Website to look like the Demo? I’m having a hard time understanding the theme. Also I got an shortcode error when I upgraded to wordpress 3.6
Review Left On 06/16/2022
Hello, Happy New Year, I have a question regarding the “OUR TEMPLATES” works right a porfolio, can I embed from Soundcloud? Thanks
Review Left On 07/25/2022
Terzas Huter
Your support system is the worst I have encountered. I don’t have time for delays and never will purchase from this author again!
Review Left On 08/06/2022
Dre Donado
Hey SpyroPress, I just bought this theme but it doesnt have the spyropress builder? or am i just blind haha. Thanks
Review Left On 08/25/2022
Alaine Hansberger
Hi there, Is it possible to have multiple ‘latest projects’ in a single page?, say, for example, one in each tab, like one for print, one for web design, one for photo, etc. I have tried it and I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare latest_item_generator() (previously declared in /home1/brh/public_html/websbaratas.com.mx/wp-content/themes/dragness/framework/builder/modules/latest-projects/view.php:13) in /home1/brh/public_html/websbaratas.com.mx/wp-content/themes/dragness/framework/builder/modules/latest-projects/view.php on line 34 Thanks and best regards. Christian.
Review Left On 09/30/2022
Hello, I would like to use this theme for my business. Can I embed Soundcloud where you have now the session called “our template”? this would be great. Please let me know,. Best, Dom

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