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Novatic - App landing page

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For better overview on Novatic here is the Changelog: Version 2.0 added on 20.06.2017 We have many update for this new version of the project. These are: First of all introduced new sections which complete the missing information about the app, and introduce the possibility to contact the developers. These sections are, in order: a section with statistics a section with the team a section with reviews a contact form with basic validation implemented Then we introduced a background video for the header. And we also created the possibility to change the color scheme of the page, along with the option to show/hide the background video in the header. There is a configurator which lets you change these settings. NEW: N... READ MORE
Review Left On 07/05/2022

The template has a very good price and is well documented.An extra star should be given for the good support and fulfilled promise of making a sticky menu which i also requested.
Review Left On 07/21/2022
Polivy Ruotolo
I am working on a site based on this theme that the client purchased, can you instruct me on how to switch from “text” logo to use my clients .pmg? everything I try does not work…
Review Left On 09/17/2022
Adolphe Frederic
Hello, Theme-19 First of all Congratulation for your item and wish you more sales from it. What is the main point to contact you here is – “Maintain author driven pricing in proper manner”? I have one request to you please maintain average Item pricing in Envato marketplace. I found one of your item “Novatic – App landing page” where you sell at only $9 even if you very well know how it takes to much effort to develop it – then why sell it on less pricing ??? You can easily sell it on above $14 even if you promote your item. Please take it seriously to maintain proper pricing for each level item category. It is humbled request to you. To do so – overall Themeforest quality is maintain otherwise marketplace always taken down in future and no one can made more sales. Price competition goes very high and decrease consistency of pricing So do not misuse Author driven pricing. Thanks

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