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Agrosector - Agriculture & Organic Food

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Agrosector – Agriculture \u0026amp; Organic Food Elementor WordPress Theme We are happy to present our new WordPress theme especially designed to fit the needs of agricultural sector including farmers and organic products selling companies. We’ve crafted a beautiful and attractive typography-focused homepage which is sure going to impress your visitors once they get on your website. You can make your customers trust you by sharing your latest projects on Our Projects page as well as unveil the closest future plans concerning the richer inventory of your products, improving your customer service, etc. on a Single Project page. About and Our Team page layouts allow to introduce your team and tell the story of your company development.... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/09/2022
Moynahan Insignares
Your theme (Agrosector – Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. The most recent version downloaded still shows at 1.0.0. It also continues to say that there are outdated copies of template files. Will a new version be released soon?
Review Left On 04/10/2022
There is something wrong with Elementor, between the 2.9.14 version and the new version 3. What i’ve seen is that the Team widget cannot be edited, it throws JS errors. I rolled back to elementor 2.9.14 so that way it would work. Just wanted to let you know, that there is something not right. Thanks
Review Left On 04/12/2022
Maxwell Whitejr
THEME ISSUE: Whenever I try and UPDATE the Elementor plugins, the photo galleries do NOT display on the pages. How do I update the Elementor theme plugins without breaking the theme?? https://www.riversidegreenhouse.com/
Review Left On 04/15/2022
Shiekh Maskell
BAD SUPPORT Created 2 ticket ticket id : 26912 ticket id : 26894 But no one replied proprly. My issue is when I enter the purchase code its showing “code already used” So I contacted them with purchase code. But now saying create an account here gt3accounts dot com/app on that site. On that no signup option available.
Review Left On 04/21/2022
Allix Nazaroff
Where can I download or purchase the agro-themed icons that are used in the theme? Thank you.
Review Left On 04/25/2022
Hi, I want to ask you about a site that I have online with your theme instaled . I have one licence from your theme but I have 5 domains for my site one for each languages that I have. More specific I have these 5 languages: English ( 1 domain (My main domain) ) Greek ( 1 domain ) Russian ( 1 domain ) Serbian ( 1 domain ) Romanian ( 1 domain ) In my main domain all are working good In all other domains that I have connected to the main domain icons are broken and I cant fix them. This is happening cause I have only one licence ?? And if this is the reason can we do something with this because I count alla these domains as 1..!!??
Review Left On 04/27/2022
Zebadiah Thornbrough

These Guys are great. Awsome Design and great Support. That was one of the best Themes i´ve ever bought.
Review Left On 04/29/2022
Hello, where I can find change log for actual 1.3.7 version? Why you didn’t upgrade “GT3 Photo & Video Gallery – Pro” to actual version?
Review Left On 07/03/2022
Karr Liou
Hi, love your theme, was wondering if it is possible to include video clips on the home page slide area? instead of images, thanks!
Review Left On 07/09/2022
Hi, i have created a custom post type. Problem is, that the parts “Page Layout, Header Builder, Footer Options, Preloader Options and Shortcode Above Content” are missing. How can i add this functions into my custom post type http://prntscr.com/oa22uo Thanks for the help in advance. Matt
Review Left On 09/06/2022
I’m trying to install the demo theme for days and I still can’t, and what I’m told is that the problem is with the server. The hosting company says everything is fine with the server. I need help urgently
Review Left On 09/22/2022
I activated the purchase code from admin area. Due to some error i installed the theme. Now purchase code is not working. How to get the new code ?

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