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Boutique - Responsive Email + Themebuilder Access

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Changelog [v1.0] - 2017/03/03: - Initial Release FAQ Q: The background images in Gmail won’t stretch full width. How can I fix this? A: Gmail doesn’t support css in bg images, upload a larger background image so it fully covers the entire background. Q: Is the Builder included in my purchase? A: No, the Builder isn’t included so you aren’t able to host it on your own server. Q: I purchased the template, what now? A: You can immediately start editing your newsletter our free builder. But your purchase also comes with a standard .html newsletter file, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp compatible file. If you are using one of these services simply import these files into the service you are using. Q: I need help customizing my pur... READ MORE
Review Left On 04/20/2022
Tarryn Stickfort
Hi a have a question, you say compatible with 60+ email clientes, i wanna see the test results links
Review Left On 04/26/2022

The theme itself is very nice to look at, however it should not be listed as compatible with MailChimp. Even when the file was uploaded, it was impossible to customize colors. Images that show up in the theme 'Example' are not able to be inserted, which makes the theme useless. The 'Themebuilder Access' included shouldn't be called such, as even the most basic of edits couldn't be done. Unless you want to use this theme as-is, with the creators' images and all, I would strongly advise against purchase.

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